mindfulness corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diets



Assist in relieving the symptomatic effects of work related negative health impacts.

Corporate massage, seated massage in your office.

mindfulness corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diets



Guiding employees to make meaningful and sustainable change towards a healthier life.  From nutrition, time management, prioritisation in their daily routines.

mindfulness corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diets


Considerable cost savings, increased productivity

and happier employees.


Promote a workplace culture of health and overall wellness.

mindfulness corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diets

Fruit in

a Box

Delivering a cost effective healthy snack box for your employees, a great alternative to the processed foods commonly found in office kitchens and vending machines.

mindfulness corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diets



Mindfulness is the practice of paying more attention to the present moment. By observing your own thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, you can improve your mental wellbeing.

mindfulness corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diets



Tailor-made group fitness to invigorate and improve health and wellbeing of employees.

From low-impact to high-intensity energising sessions we  cater for any age and ability.

Corporate Wellness & Wellbeing Solutions For Fiji


​We come to you!
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work culture, call us on
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Affordable options for companies of all sizes

​​We provide Certified Therapists, Instructors and Equipment

Wellness brought direct to your workplace and provided onsite

mindfulness meditation corporate health wellness fitness fiji
mindfulness meditation corporate health wellness fitness fiji

Meet the two women behind Fiji's first
corporate wellness programs

Sangeeta Devi.jpg

Sangeeta Devi


Sangeeta has developed through a range of challenging roles, from quantity surveyor in construction, to corporate Sydney life as national business development executive working for the two biggest Cisco distributors in Australia, co-founder of an international software company in England to launching a prolific events company in Fiji, opening a health foods juice bar and cafe and now holding a senior management role in Fiji Spa Tourism. Sangeeta has always had an interest in health and wellness and broke out of the usual gym routine to become a Zumba and Pole Fitness instructor five years ago. Born in Fiji, Sangeeta schooled in Australia from age 10 before moving back to live in Fiji in 2013. She enjoys living a vibrant life of balancing work, travel, wellness and companionship with her husband of 15 years.

Alana Tilly Fiji Zumba Yoga Health Fitness Wellness Corporate Programmes

Alana Tilly


Alana has enjoyed a diverse career from medical technician to medical sales, corporate working life in Brisbane with property investment finance, e-commerce subscription start-up through to private stock offering, sales & marketing roles in tourism and launching her own Business Development Consulting and Yoga company in Fiji. Alana has always had an interest in health, wellness and fitness from a young age and began practicing yoga regularly 11 years ago and started teaching yoga in 2012. Born in Tasmania, Australia Alana began visiting Fiji regularly 15 years ago with her Mother - Veena (originally from Lautoka, Fiji) after Veena founded the Rotary Fiji Schools Project. Alana moved to Fiji in 2012 and enjoys continually striving to maintain a healthy balance with work, family and wellness with her 4 year old daughter and partner in Nadi, Fiji.

Why are we passionate about delivering

Corporate Wellness & Change ?


After collaborating together on previous projects, Sangeeta and Alana discovered they both shared similar interests and passion for health and wellness. Having both experienced roles locally in Fiji and internationally whilst working in corporate roles and being self-employed, they have experienced firsthand the challenges of maintaining a
balance of health and wellness while pursuing careers.  

With the fast evolving corporate and workplace environment in Fiji, there is much greater potential for employees to develop and flourish into roles at an international standard. However, these opportunities often come with modern day impacts on wellness and mindset, an aspect still new to Fiji workplaces. Alana and Sangeeta saw a need to deliver a service for companies and individuals who want to create more balance that encompasses the overall wellbeing of individual.


By developing a better knowledge and making improved choices around wellness for employees, managers or directors/CEO’s there is evidenced benefits for not just their performance at work but their satisfaction and fulfillment in life in general.

Sangeeta and Alana were inspired from their own wellness journeys to launch Fiji Wellness in order to create a way for companies or organisations to provide positive support and education for their staff.

For your Workforce

Having a wellness program provided for your employees is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity, boost team morale and reduce staff absenteeism.

The benefits of a Corporate Wellness program include:

  • Employees return to their role feeling more energised, creative, motivated and productive with a heightened sense of purpose.

  • Corporate massage promotes muscle relaxation which has positive flow-on effects in reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, boosts immune system and improves circulation which combats physical and mental fatigue in the workplace.

  • Corporate yoga brings a healthy balance to some of the pressures of corporate life such as creating more mindful employees (less hostility/aggression), increases energy, mental alertness & clarity and improves concentration and decision-making.

  • Improved wellness for employee’s means reduced sick days and increased productivity, boosting morale and work satisfaction.

  • When Wellness Programs are offered to employees by the company, the uptake is often much higher than other initiatives and therefore more cost-effective and little time required.  

  • The comparative increased participation from employees improves company morale and loyalty, recognising the value of employees and feeling rewarded.

  • A great way of rewarding employees and creating a positive culture in order to increase staff retention and improve company image.


Some of the main purposes of a workplace wellness program are to help educate employees about their general health and develop awareness of high-risk health behaviours, by teaching them how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Increased awareness and knowledge of healthy habits can be seen as a big success of an effective program. If employees are making changes in their lifestyle – like getting more sleep, practicing self-care, and eating less fast food – the wellness program has made a positive impact on the lives of employees.


corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diet
corporate health wellness fitness fiji weight loss programmes diet